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She-Shed Studio is about one-of-a kind jewelry designs, handcrafted with care, pairing quality materials and semiprecious gemstones.  Each piece is designed to bring out the beauty of the stone and the thought behind the materials to create the finished product. Our goal is to create jewelry that our customers will cherish and enjoy wearing for years to come.

About the Artist

Who is behind She-Shed Studio

Hi! I am Virginia Gundred.  Creating and designing jewelry started as a casual hobby for me with chainmaille and wire weaving.  Once I discovered silversmithing, the casual hobby quickly escalated to a passion.  I started the  silversmithing journey early in 2019 and have been continuing to learn new techniques.  I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!  

I enjoy browsing for unique stones, learn about them, both physical and spiritual properties, and create a design to highlight the beauty of it.  Now you know what I’m doing while I’m at home in Dayton, Nevada.  I hope you will enjoy browsing around my site to see what I have come up with!  I love to know you are all here with me.


How did the name She-Shed Studio come about? Well, my husband, Dave, built a shop for his hobbies, so I get to move into the 12x16 shed and make it my own studio! I will post some fun pictures on the She-shed refurbishing, decorating and setup process when it begins!

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