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This handcrafted, triangular shaped pendant holds a beautiful deep purple Sugilite stone.  The .999 Fine silver plate that backs the stone has a hammered texture and silver flower shaped balls.  It comes with an 18" Sterling silver chain, but also looks great on the wire wrap neck cuff (sold separately).


About the stone:  Sugilite is both a mineral and a gemstone that's best known for its vibrant pink to purple colors. Perhaps the most popular shade of the stone is referred to as 'grape jelly' due to its rich, lustrous shades. Sugilite is a sodium potassium lithium silicate mineral that gets its color from small amounts of manganese.


Spiritual properties: Sugilite is believed to generate positive energy to protect against and overcome negative emotions and situations. Thought to be a nurturing gemstone, sugilite offers release from worries. It also promotes positive emotions to help relieve stress, establish peace of mind and emotional healing. To metaphysical adherents, sugilite is a stone of forgiveness and instills the deep satisfaction of all-abiding freedom.


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