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Trapiche Amethyst Silver Bracelet

Trapiche Amethyst Silver Bracelet


This Trapiche Amethyst bracelet is set with an open back so the feathers in the stone can be clearly seen.  .925 Sterling silver was used for the rope surrounding the stone and the bezel is .999 Fine Silver.  The width of the stone is about 1.5". A very nice statement piece! The cuff of the bracelet is Sterling silver and will fit a 6-7.5" wrist comfortably.  Slight adjustments can be made by gently stretching or compressing the cuff.


About the stone:  Since the geological conditions necessary to create these gems are uncommon, trapiches are some of the rarest specimens on Earth.  “Trapiche” is a type of milling wheel used to process cane sugar. This gemstone was named after it because of the similarity of appearance between the spokes of the mill and the growth pattern of the gemstone's inclusions. True trapiches form where geothermal waters meet a carbonaceous host rock.

Spiritual properties:  Trapiche amethyst gemstone is said to strengthen the endocrine and immune systems. Due to the unique crystal formation, it is alsp said to enhance brain activity, increase concentration, and energize the person that wears it. This gemstone is also said to enhance psychic abilities, is excellent for channeling energy during meditation. Whatever your beliefs, may you enjoy your Trapiche Amethyst.

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