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Triple Square Alexandrite Necklace

Triple Square Alexandrite Necklace


This necklace has three squares made of .999 Fine silver and hand hammered to add texture.  The 5 mm faceted Alexandrite stone has beautiful sparkle and is mounted in a Sterling bezel setting surrounded by silver balls.  The total necklace is 18" and the Rolo chain is Sterling silver. Overall a very unique piece and a joy to wear!

Alexandrite is a strongly pleochroic gem, which means it can show different colors when viewed from different directions. Typically, its three pleochroic colors are green, orange, and purple-red. However, the striking color change doesn’t arise from the gem’s pleochroism, but rather from the mineral’s unusual light-absorbing properties. Because of its scarcity, especially in larger sizes, alexandrite is a relatively expensive member of the chrysoberyl family. It shares its status as a June birthstone with cultured pearl and moonstone.

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