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Viking Knit with Swirls-Hand Woven Chain

Viking Knit with Swirls-Hand Woven Chain


This is a beautiful hand woven chain using Sterling Silver.  The weave is referred to as Viking Knit.  The total length of chain is 19-20".  The decorative swirls on each side are hand made using .999 Fine silver.  The clasp and end caps are Sterling Silver.  The necklace can be worn at 19" or 20"


The history of the Viking Knit weave:  Also known as Trichinopoly weave, archeologists found examples of this type of chain at various sites in Scandinavia dating from the Seventh Century AD, which is the Viking Era. Chains were found in treasure troves in Scandinavia. Made from melted down coins turned into fine wire; these chains were formed using a loop in loop technique.  The technique to make a Viking Knit chain uses a long, continuous length of thin wire. When the desired length is reached, the resulting "tube" is puled through holes of decreasing diameter on a draw plate so that it 'stretches' into something longer, narrower, and more flexible.

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